Panasonic Eluga Ray 700 Hard Reset & FRP

Panasonic Eluga Ray 700 hard reset

Hard reset :

  • First power off phone.
  • Press volume up+Power on/off button.
  • After vibrate leave power button only.
  • Now you see android logo.
  • Press and hold volume up then press power button.
  • Now you’ll see Recovery mode.
  • Then select “wipe data / factory reset” using volume down button.
  • Press volume up button to confirm.
  • Choose “Yes–delete all user data” to confirm the whole operation.
  • Then “wipe caches” also
  • now press reboot system now….

Remove FRP :

  •  Connect to WiFi & Come Back to Home.
  •  Touch and hold on two fingers screen (Welcome side) to turn on talk-back.
  •  Draw L on screen, Click on talk-back settings & Select get started with voice access.
  •  Click on YouTube logo button.
  •  Drop down the video and press three dot option and click on logo button.
  •  Select terms and privacy policy it will Open Browser.
  •  Now Search For Quick Shortcut Maker apk or Download Below Link.
  •  Press bookmarks option in browser, Select history tab, Select Download & Install App.
  •  After Install Open Quick Shortcut Maker App.
  •  Now Search For Launcher & Try it.
  •  Download Tecno Care App & Install it.
  •  Now go to settings>App Manager & Disable Google Accoun Manager & G Play Service. 
  •  Back to settings click on cloud and accounts or accounts.
  •  press on accounts>add account>google, add any gmail account.
  •  after that you see technocare tricks has stopped & don’t get panic, your id is added.
  •  Now Enable Disabled Apps & restart your phone
  •  After Power On Click On Next, You get account added.
  • after you getting home goto settings> Accounts & Remove Your Google ID.
  • Now you reset your mobile….
Go LauncherZ  apk Download Link           :

Apex Launcher apk Download Link           :

Nova Launcher apk Download Link           :

Techno care APK Download Link               :

Quick Shortcut Maker APK  Link              :


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