frp remove from nougat android 7.0 without PC

FRP remove from android 7.0 nougat without PC

Any Android Phone remove FRP lock easily by this method
1. Device is on and connected with WiFi.
2. Touch and hold on two fingers screen (Welcome side) to turn on talk-back.
3. press back button
4. draw L on screen
5. click on talk-back settings
6. click on get started with voice access
7. click on YouTube logo button
8. click on YouTube link you will go to YouTube app
9. drop down the video and press three dot option and click on logo button
10. select terms and privacy policy
11. it will go to the default browser
12. search and download apex launcher or go launcher z or nova launcher apk
13. after downloaded the apk press bookmarks option in browser
14. press history tab beside the bookmarks
15. download history, it will open download folder in file manager or my files
16. you will see thier downloaded files (if you want go back to file manage press my files (myfiles>download))
17. download and copy attached file in memory card and install it on device by inserting memory card on device
18. after installing open the launcher the go to settings 
19. Open lock screen and security then device administrators
20. uncheck find my device
21. go back to settings then press apps
22. click three dotted button press show system apps
23. find and disable google account manager disable it and play service also
24. then go back to my files or file manager then install technocare.apk after install press done (don’t open it).
25. go to the settings click on cloud and accounts
26. press on accounts>add account>google.
27. add any gmail account
28.  then press accept
29. after that you got popup technocare tricks has stopped
30. don’t get panic, your id is added (if you have doubt press back button and press google you’ll see added account
31. go back to the settings and click on lock screen and  security> other security settings>device administrators> android device manager>enabal it
32. go back to apps>three dotted button>show system apps
33. all apps>select disabled option and enable google account manger and google play service.
34. then restart your phone now you get account added option in google account press continuously.
35. after you getting home goto settings>about devices>click on build no 7 times
36. now developer options> enable oem unlocking.
37. now you reset your mobile….
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Apex Launcher apk Download Link :
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